March Madness and the Brown Leather Jacket of Goodwill

The month of March flew by a little too fast for me. I feel like I've been really busy but I haven't done anything..
Either way, the shop is looking up, a lot more than I could hope for. I've gotten more sales in the last month than all the other months combined. Every time I get a sale, I'm still pretty shocked. 

Good news though. I've been taking a lot more pictures, and doing that, combined with a basic, clean background helps a lot bc all the attention is drawn to the item for sale and not all the colors and knick knacks in the background. Yesterday I sold my fave purse, the GOLD LION Versace Inspired Handbag 
I've had this purse up for months already, and it got a lot of inquiries, but no takers. I re-shot it last week and BAM, out the door. So I guess that's the secret.  The purse has a Versace feel, but these D&B purses are somewhat similar. Not a fan of Dooney and Burke in general, but I love these clutch purses. 

Another item that went out the door was the GIRL CANT HELP IT Leather Biker Jacket ..I've had it up since Oct. of last year. This was my sister's jacket, she wore it back in her indie days, and sometimes our brother would take out to romance the hs babes. hahah.. Every cent of this sale is going back to my sister, because she's starting up a scholarship program down in Guatemala (she's a peace corps volunteer working with children at the middle school/high school level). So this jacket just paid for an entire year of education for 1 hardworking, deserving kid. I am really happy about that, so I'm going to keep donating what I can. Check out her blog, HueHue Scholars


I've been featured in my first VESTies Treasury!!

About two weeks ago, I joined a vintage team on etsy called VintageEtsySociety. Check out the blog here

Deb from ArtandOldLace, who is a fellow VESTier (vintage etsy-er lol) was generous enough to include me in her treasury, but...I am in there twice!! My 50s woven straw bag is featured (and was sold on Monday and is on its way to a lovely home in Sweden) as are my chestnut SWEET PEA ankle boots. I am honored and very very grateful. Thank you Deb!!

This has been a busy week, I had the most sales ever, on Monday I had three in one day! Anyway, its been crazy all week, so I am taking pictures and editing and shipping all week, trying to catch up. Shipped all my items, and now I have to update the shop! Today I sold my PLAID and LEATHER Gardener Boots, I hope they will serve their owner well this spring! Anyway, less blogging, more posting. I look forward to the weekend :D



Finally heard some word from Chile...

My tia mari called my grandma. She called my aunt that lives in the US and told her that my other aunt (tia hilda) spoke with tia mari very briefly. She was in a state of shock. She and my three cousins live in Santiago. Their house is pretty much ruined. 

The second floor, which was a new addition and their sleeping quarters, is unlivable.  More importantly, everyone ran out of the house in time, before it came down on them. All the appliances and electronics and furniture on the first floor are ruined. The impact dislodged the stove, fridge and other appliances and tipped them over. Their fence, which is a tall iron thing that goes around their house and property and is used  for safety and security, fell over. So there's that... 

 And now, my aunt and her family are inconsolable and without a place to sleep. I don't really know what to say. My mom keeps tearing up. She wants to go down there but its not possible right now. Roads are bad, especially the PanAm Highway which runs the length of the country and is the main highway to get from region to region. Like you've probably heard...it's a narrow country full of mountains and elevations. Hard to build roads, so not too many ways to get around anyway. This is going to make it harder. 

My tio's girlfriend and a family friend/second cousin went vacationing in Concepcion. I pray they are fine. 



So we get a text last night from my momma-in-law saying Chile had an 8.8 earthquake. I called my mom right away to let her know and tell her to get a hold of the family down there. We have all of our family from my mom's side down in Chile, minus an Aunt who came to the US 15 years ago.
The quake hit Concepcion, which is south of the capital. My aunt and cousins live in Santiago, which has seen damage in some of the bigger buildings. My other aunt lives in Serena/Coquimbo and my abuelita Lorenza and my uncles live in Canela. I was mostly concerned for her because she has the oldest house out of all my family...she's ok but we haven't gotten a hold of anyone else because lines are down.
Here's a pic of Canela...the big open area is la cancha, the town soccer field...used for other sports activities too but mostly futbol. My grandma's house is higher up the hill. I really hope everyone is ok. 

Compared to Haiti, Chile is worlds apart. They have better infrastructure, both physical and gubernatorial. They have a strong government and will hopefully be able to create a state of calm and peace sooner than later. Don't like hearing about the looting...but I'm not there so that's all I will say about that. 


Might as well face it, I'm addicted to mugs..

Heck to the yes...I love mugs. Anything cutesy or charming, I gravitate towards. Maybe I shouldn't because I'm not sure how well that sells. Ah well..it's only a .20 posting, right?

The most excellent

                                          "HEARTS IN MOTION" MUG

  This one coming to a LapineOurs Vintage store near you. www.lapineours.etsy.com, is of course what I speak of. 


Which is Part II because it is the sequel to the first Dear Father Mug, more regal in stature.
Here is "DEAR FATHER" the first. He went to a good home in Aurora, IL 
 has also found a place to roost, I was sad to see her go.
is a new addition to the shop. She came all the way from 1978. What a sweetheart.
The BLUE GOOFBALL MUG, I loved this one, always cheered me up :D



Elizabeth Shue's Oxford Flats

                                              Elizabeth's Shoe, Part 1 
What was Elizabeth Shue doing while Ralph Macchio was in hardcore training to be the karate kid? Who even knows, but she was probably wearing some pretty sweet shoes, whatever she was doing..

                                                  Elizabeth's Shoe, Part 2