So we get a text last night from my momma-in-law saying Chile had an 8.8 earthquake. I called my mom right away to let her know and tell her to get a hold of the family down there. We have all of our family from my mom's side down in Chile, minus an Aunt who came to the US 15 years ago.
The quake hit Concepcion, which is south of the capital. My aunt and cousins live in Santiago, which has seen damage in some of the bigger buildings. My other aunt lives in Serena/Coquimbo and my abuelita Lorenza and my uncles live in Canela. I was mostly concerned for her because she has the oldest house out of all my family...she's ok but we haven't gotten a hold of anyone else because lines are down.
Here's a pic of Canela...the big open area is la cancha, the town soccer field...used for other sports activities too but mostly futbol. My grandma's house is higher up the hill. I really hope everyone is ok. 

Compared to Haiti, Chile is worlds apart. They have better infrastructure, both physical and gubernatorial. They have a strong government and will hopefully be able to create a state of calm and peace sooner than later. Don't like hearing about the looting...but I'm not there so that's all I will say about that. 

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