Might as well face it, I'm addicted to mugs..

Heck to the yes...I love mugs. Anything cutesy or charming, I gravitate towards. Maybe I shouldn't because I'm not sure how well that sells. Ah well..it's only a .20 posting, right?

The most excellent

                                          "HEARTS IN MOTION" MUG

  This one coming to a LapineOurs Vintage store near you. www.lapineours.etsy.com, is of course what I speak of. 


Which is Part II because it is the sequel to the first Dear Father Mug, more regal in stature.
Here is "DEAR FATHER" the first. He went to a good home in Aurora, IL 
 has also found a place to roost, I was sad to see her go.
is a new addition to the shop. She came all the way from 1978. What a sweetheart.
The BLUE GOOFBALL MUG, I loved this one, always cheered me up :D


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