Vicky Vaughn was a Classy Babe

Vicky Vaughn Rainbow Plaid by Timeless Vixen Vintage 
I am wanting Spring. Trees budding, the smell of lilac bushes, color, the smell of rain on a warm day...dirt.  And picnics! And clothes you can wear to picnics!

I bet whoever owned this dress used to go on some pretty great picnics. Little blue convertible, top down..silk headscarf.  
Definitely some sunglasses...a dark tint to keep the bright sun out.

Vintage Rhinestone Tura Frame

And of course, she had to pack the basket full of goodies, complete with a floral China dining set, and Bakelite picnic boxes for storage.  I want to go to there. Have fun, Vicky Vaughn!      
                              Vintage Brexton Picnic Set - Pink Bandalasta - 1950s 


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